Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another (True) Married Straight Guy Spanking Story

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This guy's name is Dwight, and this was several years ago. I don't even remember how we hooked up, I just know that it was on the Internet.

The entire thing was "really" interesting because after we had chatted several times and he professed his straightness and gave stats and such, he finally trusted me enough to send a pictures.

I was bowled over when I saw the picture, as I had worked with Dwight a year or two previous to this! I was more or less a grunt, and he was a manager...LOL! I knew that this was going to be fun. He was always pushy and hard to get along with, a "real" take charge guy! I remembered one of his favorite sayings: "Do that right or I'll dust your ass!" So he thought about spanking a lot!

He had told me that he had visited and paid several dominatrixes and hadn't been able to get to the level of spanking that he needed. He also admitted that he had been with a couple of males and that he realized that he would have to do things that he didn't like to do in order to get the spanking he needed. I assured him that was true!

Dwight is about 6' tall, dark hair, dark eyes, attractive, lanky, and always that kind of smartass attitude, with a smirk on his face. Always had some smartassed comment to take you down a peg or two.

When he showed up at the door, I wish I could of taken a picture to capture the look on his face...this time I had the smirk.

He said, "you could of told me, I'd of come anyway..." I said, "No, this was "way" too much fun, now get in here, get in the bedroom!"

The smirk was back, he shook his head and did as he was told. When we got to the bedroom, I ordered him to strip, and he did so immediately. His body was a little better than I imagined, he had a little body hair in all the right places. Without being told he just dropped to his knees and said, "I guess we have to get this part out of the way first, don't we?"

I had to wonder what was going through his head knowing he was about to give head to someone who had been his subordinate. I shook my head yes, and he reached up and pulled down my shorts. Dwight said, "you know I hate doing this!" I said, "Yes and that makes it even better!"

He said, "Holy crap, I never imagined you were hung like this, I've never done one this big!"

I just pulled his head in and he slowly started licking. Not bad for a straight guy with little experience! He made it evident that he wanted to please me, to get what he wanted.

I was hard in a second, not only did I have a straight guy giving me head, but it was a kind of bully guy who had a year before been my boss!

Dwight gave me some pretty good head, and then reached for his pants and got out a condom and some lube. He looked up at me and said, "Okay, now for the part that I "really" hate! I guess the other two guys that had spanked him had made him bottom for them first. I was surprised and delighted that he thought he had to give head and give up some butt to get the spanking that he needed!

He used some lube on himself and then just bent over the bed. He turned his head around and looked at me and said, "Man this really hurts with smaller ones, PLEASE go slow, I'm not even sure I can do it!"

Don't worry, I'll go slow, I'll "make" you like it, that will be even worst!" I got the smirk.

I put on the condom, lubed up and started trying to get in him. Dwight was trying hard not to show how much it bothered him, but I could tell he was really having trouble. So I flipped him over on his back with his feet in the air so I could watch his expressions. He face kept contorting and I just kept trying to ease in.

Finally, he cried uncle. "goddamn, please stop!" So I eased out and let his legs down. "How about if you wallop my ass for a while and then maybe I can take it."

I agreed and pulled him over my lap and started in. I knew he wanted it hard so I didn't give him any warm up, I just started in with some good hard slaps.

I could tell it wasn't enough, so I went to a paddle and was really going to town. When his athletic butt was getting red I stopped told him to get up and grabbed another condom. Dwight just groaned and bent over the bed again.

This time I got about half way into him, but he begged me to stop again.

We went back to the spanking and when I knew he was getting into it, I stopped again. When I told him to get up, this time he just grabbed the lube and used a lot!

I still couldn't get all the way into him, he said, "You know I've only done this twice before, and neither of the guys were anywhere near your size...I just don't know if I can do it!"

Now I'm not a sadist, but I guess I do have a bit of a sadistic streak, especially when it comes to someone who has tried to push me around and that I've watched bully other people around. I guess that's his cover, so no one thinks he's weak.

I still couldn't penetrate him completely and when he begged again, I stopped. I told him to stay in that position and started in on him again with the paddle. When it was getting pretty intense, I lubed a buttplug and slid it in.

Dwight almost jumped up totally off of the bed and hollered. "Jesus Christ, what the hell is that?" I told him what it was and that it was staying in place until the spanking was over. Dwight just groaned and laid back down on the bed and took the licks that he really wanted.

I spanked that man (dusted his ass...) until I was tired. He asked me to take the plug out and I told him that I would as soon as he shot. He said, that isn't usually a part of it for him. I told him that it would be today.

So he flipped over, got himself hard (he had stayed soft through the entire spanking), and started working on himself. It took quite a while, and I could tell he was kind of embarrassed that I was watching, but he finally shot a huge load, he hollered and carried on.

"Now will you take this damn thing out of my ass?"

I just smirked and said, "No, but you can."

Since he had already shot it was kind of a difficult task, but he finally got it out. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed humiliating him, and he knew I was totally enjoying it. "You really enjoy watching me doing this shit, don't you?"

"Yeah Dwight, I have to say it was a lot of fun, I just wish we still worked at the same place. That would be lots of fun!"

"Yeah, I can only imagine..."

I only had a session with Dwight one more time and then he moved out of the area.

Straight Married Spanking Boy

I'll call this guy Johnny, because that's his name...LOL!

Johnny is a straight married guy who loves (needs!) to get spanked, on a regular basis. This is an interesting thing that there seem to be "many" straight guys who are into getting spanked. Most of them seem to prefer to be spanked by men. From what I've found out there are three major reasons.

1. Their wives are not into it. The women don't want to see what they consider a "weak" side of their men. However, if you've ever seen the spankings some of these guys take, it doesn't show weakness to me, it shows strength and determination.

2. Their wives are not mentally or physically capable of dishing out what their men need. Some of them don't want to administer the pain, some of them do not have the physical strength to deliver what is needed.

3. In their childhood most of them were spanked by a father figure, Dad, Coach, Principal, Uncle, Step Fathers are "very" common. So even though there was pain and humiliation involved, there was also some kind of male bonding, that they can't get from women.

So a lot of straight guys turn to other men to spank them. From what I've seen, very few "straight men" are interesting in spanking other men, so these guys have very little choice but to seek out gay men to spank them.

This is the case with Johnny. Most of these guys are not gay or even bi, but are willing to pay the price to get what they want/need. That in many cases includes giving oral sex to the spanker. I also suspect that there is some need on their part to "please" the spanker, as kind of a punishment for troubling them.

Johnny usually calls and want to come at the drop of a hat, as he has limited time to get away from job and family. He comes in the door, strips, wants the spanker bare below the waist and lied across a lap to take his licks.

He prefers it hard and fast, and becomes immediately hard. It was interesting that the second time he came for a spanking, I eased up to give him a break, he said, "No, don't try to make me give you head, I won't do it!"

I thought that was odd, but just figured it was a throw back to some experience he had as a child. However, the second time he said it, I knew what he meant, and immediately pushed him off of my lap, and pulled his face to my crotch.

He pulled away once and said, "No I'm not going to!" But the glazed look in his eyes gave him away, and I just pulled his face in again. This time he went to it like he wanted it "really" badly. He pulled away again after a few minutes and said, "No don't make me do it!"

This time I roughly pulled his head into my crotch and he "really" went to town!

This went on for a few minutes and then he was back across my lap. I spanked him harder and faster and just kept increasing the pressure and speed and in a few minutes he started hollering, but didn't move away, and then just shot across my thighs.

It was intense and he thrashed around for a few minutes, and then jumped up, got dressed, thanked me and was out the door in about three minutes.

This scene was repeated several times over the next few months. It was always, hot, intense and quick! I haven't heard from Johnny for over six months...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Married Straight Body Builder

This is another personal story, that happened in the last year. We'll call this guy Craig. I met him in the Internet and he told me that he was straight and married and only interested in receiving oral sex.

Well it always rings my bell and I almost have to check straight men who want to do something gay out. So after we chatted and exchanged pics I invited him over.

He was a big guy, you could tell that he had looked like his pics at one time, but it had been several years ago. Don't get me wrong, he was still attractive, and still had shoulder length blond hair, but he had let things go a little bit and had a small belly on him. Don't get me wrong, I think that is kind of sexy on some guys, yeah, the well developed and toned gym bunny is hot too, but sometimes they are so into themselves that the only reason they want you there is to compliment them on their body...

Anyway Craig is a nice guy, hung about six inches and loves to get head. I didn't get to "interview" him on how he got started with guys, he just said that he loves great head. I do know that he has a wife "and" a girlfriend...

Craig wasn't into chat or formalities, he just walked in, said hi, and stripped. I was just going to go down on him, but was then surprised with he told me he wanted me to strip too! A lot of straight guys don't care about that and would prefer you to keep your clothes on.

While I was stripping Craig jumped on the bed and laid back, when I was naked he looked at my unit and said, "Nice one!" I crawled on the bed and got down to business, he started out soft, but that didn't last long. As soon as he was hard, he told me to turn around, not exactly in a 69 position, but more or less head to foot.

He took a hold of my unit and started stroking, so I moved it closer to him. Immediately he said "NO" I don't give head, I just enjoy the feel of a big one and one that's really hard. I was agreeable, hell just giving head to a straight guy was enough of a turn on, but having him stroke me made it even better...

Craig isn't into quickies, and wanted to be edged, so I'd say it lasted about 30 minutes and a good time was had by all!

Normal "straight guy" procedure though, as soon as it was over, he jumped up, cleaned up, dress and was out the door, with a promise to call me again, and he has several times...

Another interesting fact is that he introduced me to a friend of his who calls himself "bi"! That's another story though...